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Frooze Balls

Frooze Balls

Smart snacking has never tasted so good! Frooze Balls are little vegan balls of deliciousness are made with clean, raw, and plant-based ingredients, packed with protein and fibre to help fuel you on your next adventure!

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Created by vegan celebrity chef Jeremy Dixon, Frooze Balls are plant-based energy balls made with clean, raw ingredients. It started out in his cafe in Auckland, NZ--They became so popular that he had to mass produce them to keep up with demand. Before he knew it, Frooze Balls were the top-selling healthy snack in New Zealand. These yummy bites are perfect for smart snacking, hiking, biking and more. 

Frooze Balls combine dates, nuts, coconut, fruits and other healthy foods to create little balls of delicious energy. They come in a range of flavours, but all are made with whole food ingredients and are naturally sweetened with fruit. The texture was soft and chewy, and the surprise center made them more special than an ordinary energy ball or protein bar. Smart snacking with 100% plant-based, certified non-GMO, kosher, vegan energy balls.