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Each Garden of Life product is made from real food and the highest quality ingredients available. With a refusal to compromise and cut corners, Garden of Life has become a company that strives for greatness. When creating their products, Garden of Life looks at what is good in real, whole foods and incorporates those values. Our bodies crave nutrition and by producing supplements that target nutrients that might be missing in one’s diet, those supplements have the potential to maintain your good health. What isn’t in Garden of Life products is just as important as what goes into them. That’s why Garden of Life focuses on putting real food into each product. Traceability and clean health are at the forefront of all of their products. Traceability begins with knowing where every ingredient that is found in GOL products comes from, and ends with getting to know each and every source (where it is grown, the farming practices, and how they treat and pay the farmworkers).