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You haven’t tasted chocolate until you’ve tasted Ghirardelli’s. This chocolate is home to Italy and has taken the world by storm. Ghirardelli is the #2 baking brand in the United States and continues to make itself known throughout the world. It began with one small store in California and spread throughout the USA, and now Natura Market is bringing Ghirardelli Chocolate to Canada. Why is Ghirardelli one of the best chocolate brands? Ghirardelli discovered what is now known as the Broma Process, a chocolate making technique that creates more intense and delicious chocolate and chocolate products. Ghirardelli was also the first company to offer full transparency to its customers by disclosing the percentage of cocoa content in each chocolate product. Ghirardelli chocolate products are known for their ability to bake and melt. Ghirardelli chocolate chips are some of the most popular chocolate chips in the world. With options like bittersweet chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, and semisweet chocolate chips, there’s always something that you can make. Shop Ghirardelli!