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At Gnubees, we use simple, healthy, whole food ingredients sourced as locally as possible to formulate drinks that deliver specific nutritional benefits. We know that when you put good things into your body, it becomes you—so it better be the best!

At Gnubees, we believe that you deserve better.

We believe that you deserve the best ingredients, not just for the sake of your body but also for the sake of our planet. We're on a mission to deliver honest, nutritional benefits—not empty promises. We believe that corporations should not be prioritized over consumers, and we are committed to making sure every decision we make is based on what's best for you. 

We use simple, healthy ingredients sourced as locally as possible—and then we formulate them to deliver specific nutritional benefits. All of our business choices are centred around what’s best for the consumer and the environment. We were told we couldn't succeed doing small batch production with high-priced, quality ingredients. But we're proving them wrong every day because consumers deserve better and are demanding better! Our drinks are formulated with loving care and are based on science, not fads—with only the highest quality ingredients —because what we put in us, becomes us, so it better be the best!

We're not just another company—we're Gnubees!