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Good Earth

Good Earth

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Good Earth, a Californian company, had a vision to bring a little bit of sunshine and some delicious herbal tea to everyone. Whether you’re sipping on a warm cup of tea, or laughing with your friends with a glass of iced tea, Good Earth wants to be there for every moment. They are one of the first American herbal tea companies! That’s impressive. Starting in 1972, Good Earth knows their tea. Each blend of Good Earth tea is formulated with the best ingredients they can find. They don’t just mean the quality of the ingredients. No, they also mean that they also choose ingredients based on how it affects the planet.

Good Earth is on a mission. One that takes you on a journey of the world within a single cup of tea. Sustainability is at their core. Their ingredients are Rainforest Alliance Certified and contain no artificial colours, flavours, or ingredients. And the boxes the tea comes in are recyclable too! Not to mention that some of the teabags are also compostable. Breathe, Sip, Be Bold. Repeat. Take an intentional sip of one of Good Earth’s teas. Allow it to ground and center you. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Now is the time to be bold. Be you. You got this. Being boring is overrated, and with Good Earth, you’ll never find a boring tea among their teas.