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Ready to start feeling GORGIE-ous? Introducing Gorgie; the sugar-free energy drink infused with great nutrients like biotin and B12! Enjoy energy your way with Gorgie!

GORGIE is way more than just a canned beverage, it’s more than an energy drink, it’s a movement that founder and CEO Michelle believed in from day one! From brainstorming hours with her friends and family, GORGIE is a brand that’s built up from followers and the community. Starting out initially as a performance product for intense fitness needs soon evolved into something that any consumer can enjoy throughout the day, not just for a fitness journey. After its exponential growth, GORGIE continues to be on the rise as an energy drink that also has your health and wellness in mind!    



Gorgie energy drinks are sugar free, vegan-friendly drinks that you can enjoy whenever you need a boost in energy and beauty! Infused with nutrients like biotin, B6 and B12, among other nutrients that support your skin, nails and bones, looking good and feeling good never felt so right.