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Green Mountain Gringo

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At Green Mountain Gringo, we’re all about a good-looking backside!
Green Mountain Gringo wants you to look at our backside! The backside of any of our products contains all fresh ingredients and nothing more, That’s why it’s so delicious. Our products are paleo, gluten-free, non-GMO, and keto-friendly.

We stick to our roots when it comes to crafting our salsa. That’s why Green Mountain Gringo® has the same great taste it did when founders Christine and David Hume created a simple, all-natural recipe at their Chester, Vermont farm in 1989.

They took the time to chop fresh produce by hand, cooking it to perfection as their farm kitchen filled with the fragrant steam of herbs and spices. From that moment on, they were busy ladling batch after batch of blended goodness into mason jars to meet the growing demand for their hand-crafted salsa.

Green Mountain Gringo Salsa is as close to homemade as store-bought salsa gets.

Get your salsa on, with Green Mountain Gringo!