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Green Mustache

Green Mustache all began with the story of a picky child that won’t eat her greens and a desire to keep our children healthy. As parents, we do our best to keep our children healthy, but this always seems to be an uphill battle. After dealing with many “yucks” and fights at snack time, we discovered that we don’t have a picky eater, but rather a lack of convenient, healthy, and tasty snacks available for kids. All the snacks that appeal to kids are all packed with artificial ingredients, allergens, and stuff that we simply don’t want our kids to be eating. So, we created Green Mustache to end the battle between kids and healthy and convenient snacking. Driven by our passion for tasty and healthy snacks, we formulated a fun, healthy, and super-tasty mustache-shaped snack that you’ll want to play with. We use organic leafy greens as the primary ingredient in all our snacks and keep our healthy snacks vegan, high in protein, non-GMO, and gluten-free. At Green Mustache, we keep our snacks whimsical and healthy, creating a fairy-tale ending to the picky-child story. You can think of us as your fairy godmother! And, we're making all your healthy snacking dreams come true!