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We just know HUM-MUS you’ll enjoy the dynamic flavours of Halvana’s Tahini & Hummus products!

About Halvana

In 2016, the CEO and founder of Halvana, Mark Stein, was inspired to create a line of products that would highlight the benefits of Tahini. He gained this inspiration after taking a trip to the Middle East, Mediterranean, and Africa, where he witnessed an artisan miller creating Tahini using 200 year old Syrian Stones. 

Mark was driven to create products that showcased Tahini in forms like hummus, halva, and many more. The name “Halvana” was coined by combining “Halva” and “Nirvana”! Halvana was created in Toronto and with the help of partner Izzy, Halvana is committed to connecting delicious and dynamic flavours with diverse people! 

Halvana Products

Halvana products are shelf stable and are the first Tahini brand that doesn't require any refrigeration! Their condiments, sauces, and spreads are completely natural and filled with flavour! 

Halvana’s products are easy to use, making them the perfect choice for quick get-togethers!