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At Himalaya, we believe that science and nature go hand in hand. Our scientists work tirelessly to develop products that are rooted in the principles of Ayurveda, while using modern science to bring those products to you.
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Himalaya is a company that has been at the forefront of herbal healthcare since its inception. Although Himalaya's story began in India, it has come to be a worldwide brand.

Himalaya was founded by Mr. M. Manal, who observed that a particular plant had a beneficial effect on an elephant at his local village in Burma. Fascinated by this effect, Mr. Manal returned home to India to seek scientific evidence for why this particular plant would have such a calming effect on elephants.

His mother gave him her bangles so that he could pursue his work in the field of herbal medicine, and Himalaya was born with the mission of researching nature and using the tools of modern science to develop Ayurveda-based herbal medicine products.

Today, Himalaya continues its legacy of innovation by offering clinically-studied herbal formulations and certified USDA organic single herbs as well as a full line of body care products that are formulated using modern science and traditional Ayurvedic principles.