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Holista Foods

Say goodbye to No Carbs, hello to Slow Carbs! With Holista Foods low glycemic plant-based pasta you can enjoy the traditional taste and texture of linguine and spaghetti, while also maintaining good health and a healthy weight. Holista Foods believes that carbohydrates are part of a balanced lifestyle, but that not all carbs are the same. That’s why their pasta is made with superfood, plant-based ingredients like lentils, barley, okra and fenugreek - a big step up from traditional white flour pasta that spikes your blood sugar. Made with natural, clean, Non-GMO ingredients, Holista Foods pasta has a certified glycemic index of 38, meaning they are slowly digested (hence the term slow carbs) in order to stabilize your blood glucose levels and help with weight control. Holista Foods pasta is perfect for those with diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes - or for pasta lovers, who are looking for a pasta that is more nourishing, healthier and going to give them sustained energy. Ready to eat in 3 minutes, Holista Foods linguine and spaghetti are a delicious, healthy substitute for your favourite pasta or noodle dish.