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Treat your sweet tooth AND dietary needs with the same tender, love, and care with Homefree’s delicious snacks!

About Homefree

Jill Robbins, the founder of Homefree, is a clinical psychologist and the mother of a child who has food allergies. Therefore Jill understands how important it is for people who have specific/special dietary needs to still enjoy a nice sweet treat! That’s why she created Homefree treats to be inclusive AND delicious!

Homefree is a B Corporation which means that they are strongly committed to being socially and environmentally responsible. 

Homefree Products

All Homefree products are certified vegan and Non-GMO verified! They make their treats with allergy safety at the forefront, which means their products are free of allergens! Homefree takes extra precaution in the preparation of their treats and is careful about where their ingredients are sourced from. 

Homefree doesn’t use any genetically modified ingredients and continuously conducts allergen testing on their products. Homefree treats are not only delicious, but also puts your dietary needs first!