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Honey Bunny

At Honey Bunny, we believe that organic honey is the secret ingredient to making great food. As a result, we’ve dedicated the past 25+ years to making food great for everyone through our organic honey. Based in the Western provinces of Canada, we operate a state-of-the-art honey harvesting and food packaging facility that creates state-of-the-art organic honey! Our organic honey is stellar in quality and flavour! Our high standards led us to create organic honey that is praised for its purity and clarity. Our organic honey is also environmentally friendly and the best choice for anyone looking to help save the bees and the planet. All of our products are recyclable and ethically made to support our health and the health of our planet. Honey Bunny is here to bring natural sweetness back into your lives and into the planet. We can promise you that you haven’t tasted real honey until you’ve tasted Honey Bunny!