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Hungry Bird Eats

Hungry Bird Eats

What does a Hungry Bird Eat? Seeds, which is what Hungry Bird Eats crisps are filled with! From chia to flaxseeds, these crisps are filled with super seeds that are a great addition of fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients and minerals!
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Hungry Bird Eats founder Tina started her healthy food journey as an architect turned food blogger, being determined to develop her own rye crispbread that her son, Ike, who had been allergic to nuts and soy, could enjoy, and thus came about a custom recipe involving rye flour, olive oil and a number of superfoods like chia and flaxseed! She’d tested her recipe with her son and he gleefully approved, and Tina took her crispbread to other family members and friends, each raving about the product she’d created, and soon after, Hungry Bird Eats was born! Her journey led her to create other recipes and she’d worked tirelessly, showcasing demo and demo, going to retailers to convince them to shelve her product, and it was through her efforts that Hungry Bird Eats truly soared in the food world! 

Like many small businesses though, Tina’s company also went through some straits during the pandemic, but this didn’t discourage her from relaunching her brand in 2020, and using a small commercial kitchen and building a team of like-minded people, Hungry Bird Eats is determined to continue thriving and being as sustainable as possible!   



Inspired by the culture of Denmark, Hungry Bird Eats Nordic crisps contain all the good stuff! High in protein and fibre, and with superfood ingredients like chia and pumpkin seeds, these plant-based crisps are perfect to enjoy as a stand-alone snack or presented on a charcuterie board to pair with your favourite cheeses and fruits!