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Inka Chips

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I'm small and yellow, made of plantain, sweet, spicy or salty, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, AIP-friendly and a fantastic snack. What am I? I'm Inka Crops plantain chips!

Inka Crops is a Peruvian company founded in 2000 to promote the finest products of Peruvian culture and gastronomy in the world. Today, we specialize in the production, marketing, and worldwide distribution of gourmet snacks. Inka Crops offers a wide variety of natural products made from raw materials of the highest quality from the rich valleys of Perú. We produce our products with only the highest-quality international standards and with the best ingredients.

Our mission is to identify our customers' needs from the demanding markets offering healthy and delicious food, add constant innovation, and use maximum quality processes and supplies to create our products.

Inka Crops is working diligently to become leaders in the markets where we are present, so our worldwide consumers can distinguish our products and brands. We strive to deliver Peruvian origin, at its highest quality in all of our products. Our great goal is to delight those who have chosen us.

Don’t be lame, eat plantains! Get your plantain fix from Inka Crops!