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Isabelle Huot

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As a food enthusiast turned nutritionist-dietitian, Isabelle Huot knows a thing or two about good food and the benefits that they can provide. It is with this knowledge that she decided to put everything she knows to good use. Combining her love of travel with her passion for nutrition, she started writing for local newspapers and columns about her vast knowledge of nutrition.

With being a Doctor in nutrition, a columnist, an author, a businesswoman, and a spokesperson, Isabelle’s time is well spent. She is dedicated to improving the lives of others and has taken on many roles to do just that. She has a line of ‘ready to eat meals’ that are tailored to the everyday needs of people and she has weight loss programs that help promote a healthy lifestyle for those who seek it. Isabelle truly believes that with the changing times, we too need to change how we view weight loss and our health journeys as a whole. Isabelle’s Pantry is just another way that Isabelle has gone to great lengths to take nutrition and healthy eating to the next level. She has created products that are not only delicious but are also packed with nourishing ingredients.