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Jack’s Quality Beans

Jack’s Quality Beans

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First, there was Jack. And, then there was a beanstalk...we think you know where the story goes from here. Like Jack and the beanstalk, we got our hands on some pretty magical beans and knew that we had to share them with the world. Our beans like our name, are the highest quality beans that you’ll ever get your hands on; They are organic, free of GMOs, and an absolute delight on salads, for homemade chilli, hummus, black bean brownies, and all sorts of other goodies. Before founding Jack’s Quality Beans, we noticed that our favourite plant-based protein and fibre source (beans) was getting a bad rep for its environmental footprint and for the high levels of sodium, so we decided to pave the way to better things. We believe that beans are for everyone, even for our planet so we proudly package our beans in eco-friendly packaging, so you can kick the can to the curb. We also wanted to preserve the true flavour of our beans, so we pack our high-quality beans in very low sodium. Our low sodium beans are also an excellent option for those looking to cut back on their salt intake and/or manage their blood pressure and overall health. At Jack’s Quality Beans, we offer simplicity at its finest! Each of our packaged beans contains simple, organic ingredients and pure flavour. Take a bite and discover the true taste of high-quality beans!