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Discover the magic of sourdough with Jesha’s baking mixes! From muffins to pancakes, you can bake your own goodies using all the nutritional properties that stone milled, fermented to perfection, sourdough whole grains can offer!

Jesha’s founder Jesha had found out in her young adult years that she had non-celiac gluten sensitivity, more commonly known as gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity. After years of living through a paleo, grain-free diet to accommodate her diagnosis, she learned about the fermentation process of sourdough bread sometime in 2018, and thus decided that, so long as the grains were fermented, she could re-introduce grains back into her diet without setting off any of her sensitivities to gluten, and found that because of the fermentation process that sourdough wheat underwent, that she had no symptom flare ups. She decided then that others who were in a similar position to her may need sourdough as a way to re-introduce grains back into their diets, and thus created her own brand, which centers all its focus on reviving the ancient tradition of sourdough fermentation and bringing it to modern palettes everywhere!   



Jesha’s sourdough mixes are made to re-introduce sourdough to the modern masses! Using heritage and ancient grains that are regeneratively grown, stone milled using granite mills and then fermented for a 24-72 hour fermentation period to unlock the full potential of the whole grains, and then is crafted with wholesome ingredients!