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Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes

The name says it all - Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes allows you to enjoy authentic tasting pasta sauce at home, without having to make it from scratch yourself! Made using carefully selected, all-natural ingredients, these pasta sauces bring a delicious depth of flavour and authentic notes and spices. Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes was created as an opportunity for people to share their special pasta sauce recipes with others. That’s right, each and every one of Just Like Home’s pasta sauces are unique recipes created by passionate pasta sauce lovers from all over the United States. So when you grab a jar of one of Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes pasta sauces, you’ll see the name of the original recipe creator displayed proudly right on the front of the jar. Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes line of traditional pasta sauces will make your pasta nights quick and easy, while still getting all of the flavour and freshness of a slow-simmered, homemade pasta sauce. Sure to be a family favourite and please anyone at your dinner table, you’ll have everyone asking you what’s your secret pasta sauce recipe!