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Get ready to dip into your dreams with these delicious and nutritious plant based dippings from Justo’s! Made entirely diary free and vegan, these dips are perfect for any occasion, any time of day for any kind of dipper, big or little!
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  2. Retail Price CA$7.49 Our Price CA$5.49 (Save 27%)
  3. Retail Price CA$7.49 Our Price CA$5.49 (Save 27%)

In the spring of 2019, when Justo’s founder and entrepreneur Justin had started experimenting with making his own hummus, wanting to bring out the very best of chickpeas. After playing around with a few different and unique flavors and finding satisfaction in the finished product, he started bringing them to his friends and families gatherings and parties, where it received high praises. It was then that Justin and his two hum-igos, Eric and Adam, were struck with an idea and wanting to expand this vision even further, this group of 20 something year old friends came together to start up an Instagram page, delivering their homemade dips! First it started with friends and family, but through word of mouth, friend’s of their friends and family members of those friends all heard about their homemade dips where the hype and demand continued to expand. While incorporating their product and finding a commercial kitchen space to keep up with demand, the three hum-igos knew that they wanted to share their product while also maintaining and making positive changes for the world. 

Thus, Justo’s was founded on three main pillars; Sustainability, Quality and Community Impact and after countless brainstorming sessions, they were able to reach uphold these pillars by using sustainably glass jars, instilling a return to deposit system for zero waste, and opening a Hummus Helps program, which donates 1 serving for every ten jars of hummus sold! Fast forwarding to now, and Justo’s dipping sauces are breaking through the west coast dip world one sustainably produced jar at a time and they strive to continue dipping into all kinds of markets and ventures!


Justo’s plant based dips are dairy free and vegan, produced in sustainably produced glass jars! These delicious dips are keto friendly and are the perfect addition to any chip, cracker, pita bread, veggie sticks, you name it!