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Ain’t nobody got time to meal plan!

KetoFit was created to make life easier for the keto community and keep their diets on track in their busy, everyday lives.

Officer Anthony J. Lefrancois, the founder of Ketofit, began following a ketogenic diet to relieve his chronic pain and reap the benefits of reduced inflammation and sugar cravings, fat loss, heightened mental clarity, sharpness, and athletic performance.

He quickly gained a new lease on life and he wanted to share this with everyone he knew. However, he soon realized that there were virtually no “keto-friendly” food options for people “on the go”. This meant that his meals needed to be planned in advance, but sometimes life happens, and we can’t always be prepared. Cue the creation of the KetoFit bar!

The KetoFit bar is packed with nutrients in the exact ratios of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates required for the standard ketogenic diet. It is the only true keto macro specific bar on the market of this caliber and currently comes in 3 flavours, Chocolate, Vanilla Cake, Salted Caramel and Caramel Brownie.

Following the keto diet has never been easier, thanks to KetoFit!