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At Kitchen & Love, formerly Cucina & Amore, we are motivated every day to make a difference in people’s lives when it comes to food. We believe that that everyone deserves to enjoy great-tasting foods that are good for you and affordable. Our busy lifestyles, however, don’t always allow time to prepare what's delicious as well as healthy.

As a working mother of three and breast cancer survivor, our founder, Ruth experienced this dilemma first-hand. When preparing dishes for family and friends, she realized that the available quick-to-prepare foods weren't always the healthiest choices. That's when she became determined to find a way to make it easier for working moms like herself to simplify healthy food preparation. And Cucina & Amore was born – a “Kitchen of Love”.

Ruth's love for wholesome foods combined with her husband, Hossein's, passion for real food choices, the decades of experience in pioneering innovative products and extensive knowledge within the food business, are ideal ingredients for sourcing foods people love. It's the perfect recipe for creating delicious foods that are healthy, yummy and high quality.

Great food is simply ruled by taste and quality. It all starts with the ingredients we've chosen and how they are prepared. To us, the kitchen is the best space in the home for nourishing the body, mind and soul. To allow people from all walks of life to enjoy irresistibly delicious foods, we've taken our “Kitchen of Love” into the world, where it has now become a preferred destination for healthy, innovative, and amazingly delicious foods – an old world cuisine with a modern twist.