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Utterly craveable Kooshy croutons are here to elevate your salad game! Made with real, high quality ingredients, and seasoned to perfection, you’ll never go back to regular croutons ever again once you’ve had a taste of Kooshy croutons!

Kooshy came from two brothers and a shared love of bread, especially the sourdough loaf! After coming to a rather fruitless search for croutons that were for more of a modern audience and diet, Jonathan and Matt decided to make a courton of their own kind, and they knew they wanted to bring that same excitement they shared for bread in their creation, thus Kooshy came to be! Kooshy’s ongoing goal is to make real products with nothing but the best ingredients like organic flour and non-GMO sunflower oil to make a delicious, high quality sourdough loaf that gets cut, seasoned and baked again to create the perfect, crunchy and flavourful croutons that’ll make your mouth water!  



Kooshy Croutons are the life of the party! Made with nothing but the best ingredients and prepared from scratch made sourdough loaves, now you can liven up any salad for any occasion, or enjoy these croutons straight out of the bag!