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Krisda was created in 2004 by a small group of friends who felt strongly that it was time to make a real difference in the food industry. Simply put, it was time to give the world great tasting, all-natural sugar-free ingredients that can be used to make food taste sweeter and better naturally.

Krisda products are not genetically modified and are minimally processed. In fact, nature does most of the work for us. We just package it and make it pretty for you. And of course, our growing partners subscribe to ethical & fair labour practices.

We are developing a portfolio of Krisda sugar-free ingredients to make your food and beverages taste sweeter and better naturally. Whether your goals are to lose weight, enjoy an active lifestyle, maintain your blood sugar at certain level due to health concerns such as diabetes… or you just want to live a great & delicious life with overall health and nutritional balance, we invite you to enjoy Krisda.

Our premium sugar-free products contain natural ingredients like stevia, erythritol and inulin.