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Living your best Kyo-Life is important to Kyo-Dophilus. That’s why when searching for a probiotic supplement that meets your needs and standards, Kyo-Dophilus has got your back. Their tagline “Your Microbiome is as Unique as You Are”, stands true. They ensure that their line of probiotics are supplements that are both effective and trustworthy. Each probiotic supplement is filled with their coined “The Friendly Trio”, a clinically studied trio of different strains of probiotic cells. They rigorously tested these strains to meet the standards that are needed to make certain that each supplement is compatible with your needs. Kyo-Dophilus offers a variety of probiotic supplements that fit into every stage of life. From probiotics for children, probiotics for adults, and even targeted probiotics for various conditions. Find the right probiotic for you with Kyo-Dophilus.