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While sunflower seeds may be small, they're full of big nutrition! That's why Lattini is teaming up with sunflowers to give you the best plant-based milk alternative ever! 

You know what's better than milk? Sunflower milk!

Introducing Lattini’s sunflower milk – the dairy alternative that's taking the plant-based world by storm! Say goodbye to bland, tasteless milk substitutes and hello to a rich, creamy, and nutrient-packed sunflower seed milk that's perfect for everyday drinking.

But what makes our plant-based milk so special? It’s that sunflowers are little seeds with big nutrition and an even bigger impact! They’re made from the finest sunflowers, which are grown with care and thoughtfulness for the environment. Sunflowers are pollinator-friendly, promote healthy soil by restoring carbon into the Earth, and they're also drought-tolerant–which means they require way less water than other plant milks! Plus, they're packed with nutrition, including healthy fats, protein, and antioxidants like Vitamin E, copper, and magnesium.

With Lattini Sunflower Milk, you can enjoy the delicious taste and creamy texture of milk without the environmental impact. Silky smooth and irresistibly rich, this nutrient-rich sunflower seed milk is great in coffee, tea, smoothies, or simply on its own. Plus, it’s free from major allergens like dairy, soy, and nuts! So, take a sip of nature's finest plant-based milk alternative and experience the goodness of sunflowers in every glass. Cheers to a healthier, happier you!