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Make brownies part of your healthy, every day diet with Lillabee!

We're here to help you understand that real, whole foods are essential. Our delicious modern snacks deliver positive nutrition to support you in living your very best life.

At Lillabee, we use organic ingredients that you'll feel great about! We use avocado oil, pure nib cocoa, cage-free eggs, coconut flour, coconut sugar, almond flour, hemp seeds, sweet potato, and more superfoods! 

Our Brownie Thins are the best tasting paleo, low calorie, gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, grain-free, kosher and high protein snacks on the market!

Our snacks are low in calories, crunchy, crispy and definitely addictive! And they're naturally sweet and low glycemic! No sweeteners or refined sugar are required.

Grab a bag of Brownie Thins and go to school, work, CrossFit, yoga class, movie night, or wherever life takes you! 

Lillabee Brownie Thins are so health-full!