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Maddy & Maize Fancy Popcorn

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At Maddy & Maize, we like to take popcorn and make it better. Some may say that our gluten-free popcorn is gourmet, but we like to believe that we just have a healthy obsession with adding sprinkles and spice mixes to our popcorn. We make our fancy non-GMO popcorn in small batches to ensure that each bag has a big taste! From birthday cake flavour to smokey BBQ, we make flavours for everyone. We use fruit and vegetable extracts, not dyes or artificial stuff, to make our popcorn colourful and fun. We offer many flavours that are also vegan-friendly and dairy-free because it would be a shame if someone had to miss out on our popcorn. With Maddy & Maize you'll have the most popping, fancy, all-natural popcorn you’ve ever tasted.