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At Mavericks, we invest in the future of the world, our children, and yours. We focus on creating better-for-kids snacks that provide their growing bodies with all the nutrients they need and all the flavour that they desire. At Mavericks, we work to eliminate the fights at snack time with your kid(s) and make snack time a more pleasurable experience for all. 

Our healthy, kid-approved snacks contain 40% less sugar, whole grains, no junk, or anything artificial, and are just plain awesome! Our better-for-you snacks were fueled by imagination and our never-ending desire to make the snack world a better place for kids and parents. At Mavericks, our mission is to turn all kids into “Mavericks”: Kids that actively choose healthy snacks to fuel their greatness while meeting their cravings. With Maverick, kids can feel free to unleash their natural-born healthy snacker and dive into the world where anything is possible, even snacks that both kids and parents can agree on.