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Our eyes light up when we smell an appetizing Indian meal that looks just as flavorful, culinarily rich and delicious. Our Maya Kaimal sauces will help you transport the vibrancy of traditional Indian flavors straight to your kitchen. Made with only the highest quality of ingredients, our flavorsome Indian simmer sauces have the ability to transform your favorite meat, fish or vegetables, into an authentic Indian cuisine in a snap!India is known for its vibrant culture and great tasting zesty food. Maya Kaimal products are primarily inspired from the tropical part of India.

There’s fresh curry leaves instead of toasted spices, coconut in place of diary and more emphasis on rice instead of bread.

With a plethora of Indian flavors packed in bottles and pouches, we make it all too easy for you to create a simple yet exquisite Indian meal at home without any fuss. Whether your friends love the Indian curry, your family relishes the tropical Indian dals, we’ve got your back regardless! 

 Easy to use and supremely delectable, our Maya Kaimal sauces, and dals are great for relishing a lip-smacking Indian meal, especially when you’re craving some delightfully aromatic and piquant tangy flavors in your food.