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Maya Kaimal

Maya Kaimal

Treat your tastebuds to a taste of Indian inspired cuisine! Maya Kaimal brings authentic Indian flavors in these delicious, vegan, creamy soups!

Founder Maya was inspired by her days doing visual arts to dive into the culinary world when she realized the lack of quality Indian products in grocery stores. Maya had grown up with a healthy knowledge and curiosity about cooking from watching world-famous chef Julia Child on TV to testing her own family’s creations, and following a path into visual arts only furthered her curiosities and knowledge about foods and their presentation, taste, spice, among many other facets. She continued to blossom, being not only the founder of the Maya Kaimal line but also the sole Creative Officer and Chief Culinary of her brand. Maya wanted to bring Indian food to Western audiences while still being true to her roots, and so from humble beginnings in a Brooklyn apartment with her husband, Guy Lawson back in 2003 and backed with a collection of family recipes, Maya Kaimal was born! Wholly authentic and unlike any other, Maya Kaimal is a brand which is still constantly evolving to this day adding to its collection their renowned soups and condiments, to name a few, all of which continue to gain traction! 

Easy to use and supremely delectable, with a plethora of Indian flavours packed in bottles and pouches, we make it all too easy for you to create a simple yet exquisite Indian meal at home without any fuss. Whether your friends love Indian curry, or your family relishes the tropical Indian dals, we’ve got your back regardless! 


Maya Kaimal’s Indian-inspired vegan soups are one of a kind! Filled with those authentic Indian spices and flavours, this is the perfect thing to have when you’re looking for an easy and versatile meal!