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Milk Bar

Milk Bar

We're Milk Bar. We're more than just a bakery...We're a transformative experience for your taste buds. Something so good that when people try it they want more—more life, more happiness, more Milk Bar!

We're a bakery, but we're not just any bakery. We're one of the most exciting bakeries in the country according to Bon Appetit magazine. We’re founded by James Beard award-winning chef, Christina Tosi. But you can simply call us Milk Bar–and we make delicious, unexpected sweets for a mind-blowing, taste bud-exploding experience.

When it comes to our desserts, we’re not afraid to shake things up. We’re not afraid to turn something you thought you knew into something you never imagined could exist. We turn things on their head and make them better than you ever thought they could be. And that’s because we believe in the transformative power of a really good cookie. 

When it comes to our desserts, we don't play around—we know what you need and we'll give it to you. So forget everything you know about cookies...because when it comes to Milk Bar, there's no place for preconceived notions or boring expectations here—just pure cookie bliss.