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Mindful eating--made simple. Based in Vancouver, Mindfoods has discovered the place where science, natural medicine and delicious flavour can co-exist. Inspired by our on-the-go lifestyle, Mindfoods helps you to take charge of your health no matter where you are. Whether at the office, at school or at a picnic, Mindfoods gives you the fuel you need with its delicious vegan chia seed puddings. Available in three different flavours, these chia seed pudding mixes are full of plant-based protein, fibre and adaptogens. The unique blend of organic ingredients and healing herbs helps your body to recover from its day-to-day stresses and fuel your body and mind. Each chia seed pudding mix is free of grains, added sugar and GMOs, allowing your body and gut to feel at peace. With Mindfoods chia seed pudding mixes, convenience and nutrient-dense foods are at your fingertips.