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Mintier is an all-natural breath mint with NO sugar and NO sugar alcohols! A revolutionary, keto-friendly alternative to traditional sugar-laden breath mints.

Mintier is a revolutionary liquid breath mint with NO sugar and NO sugar alcohols! 

Jessica Sheppard and Rhaelyn Gillespie got to thinking: what was the point of traditional breath mints, anyway? You know, those little round things that melt in your mouth and make your breath smell like candy.

Except they don't really help the problem—they just mask it with a sweet taste that's actually bad for your teeth and gums! It turns out sugar feeds the oral bacteria in your mouth, making your breath worse and at an accelerated rate. When they learned that sugar is the main ingredient in traditional breath mints they questioned what that does to your oral health. Why are breath mints up to 99% sugar?!

Jess and Rhae created a 100% natural alternative that is the world’s first oil-based breath mint. With 120 servings per bottle, and each serving giving you long-lasting fresh breath, this is the type of breath mint you can feel confident in. You + Mintier = it was ‘mint’ to be!