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Mmmly cookies are the first in a new category of functional treats that keep you full, fueled and focused. We've designed them to be lower in sugar but higher in prebiotic fibre, so they don't just taste good; they make your body feel good too!

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Meet Mmmly. We're redefining the cookie category.


Mmmly was born from a personal struggle with sugary and processed food which led to a realization that loving yourself doesn’t just stem from what you do each day, but also from what you eat. After years of struggling with disordered eating, Michelin-Star-trained chef Nicholas Nalcerio decided to change his life by changing the food he ate. He decided it was only right to share it with others.


Hundreds of recipes later, Mmmly was born. Now we’re here to help you fuel your mind, body and soul with healthy snacks that taste amazing. Our cookies keep you full, fueled and focused so you can get through your day without feeling guilty about what you’re eating. We believe in the power of food—and that when we love ourselves enough, we can make real change happen in our lives and communities.


Our cookies are made with tiger nut flour and root vegetables like carrots, beets and sweet potatoes, and sweetened with apple juice, so they’re nutrient-rich and low in sugar while tasting amazing! They also contain prebiotic fibre which provides gut health and fuel for your brain so that when you eat our cookies, you feel good about yourself—inside and out!