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Mo' Greens Fresh Dog Food

Mo' Greens Fresh Dog Food

You love your pets, and we love our pets. That's why we created Mo’ Greens – providing balanced, fresh pet food with scientifically-backed recipes that are made in small batches with real ingredients and love. We use whole cuts of meat, fresh ingredients, and functional superfoods to make healthier food for your dog. Giving you quality, flavour, and health benefits that are never found with kibble.

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Imagine a dog food company that takes the best of what people eat and brings it to your dog. Imagine a company that uses real meat, whole foods, and whole grains to create healthy meals for your pet. Imagine a company that cares about your dog’s health and happiness as much as you do.

That’s Mo’ Greens. We believe in giving your pets the very best in food because they deserve nothing less. But what does "the best" really mean? It means more than just feeding him something that's "healthy," or even something that tastes good. It means feeding him something that will help him thrive. Something that gives him the nutrients he needs to be happy, healthy and energetic—and live a long time with you. It means making sure he gets the right kinds of protein and fats, so he can grow into a strong, healthy adult who lives to see many more birthdays with you.

Mo' Greens was founded by three dog-loving friends who believe that dogs deserve more. With decades of pet nutrition research, food industry know-how, and the latest in health and wellness knowledge, our founders worked with top vet nutritionists to create fresh, healthy and convenient foods for your pets. We use quality and safety standards from the human food industry – that means real meats and whole foods slowly cooked in federally registered and inspected kitchens. The result is food that is good enough for humans to eat, but is nutritionally complete and balanced for your furry friend! Each small batch is handcrafted in our Toronto kitchens using the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds are thriving on Mo’ Greens.