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Ready to help the planet one bite at a time? Introducing Moonshot crackers, the climate friendly snacks that are high in nutrients and help the planet by regenerative agriculture practices!
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Moonshot founder Julia Collins had one thought in mind when she’d first started her journey to create climate-friendly snacks; how could she create a better world for her child? This was the thought that nagged her when she’d first found out that she was pregnant and thus with her little one’s well being in mind, she’d pulled all of our spirit into making a brand that would be better for her, her baby and the planet; Moonshot, and also creating a platform for other food companies to do the same called Planet FWD. These two sister companies work in tandem to bring farmers and food brands together to rethink the food production cycle and Moonshot’s innovative snacks are an example of Planet FWD’s plan in action. Sourcing regeneratively grown ingredients and forming a small, curated supply chain allows for Moonshot to continue their commitment to climate-friendliness. The benefit of regenerative agriculture is the potential to reduce carbon and help reverse global warming, and with wheat sources from family farmers who practice in regenerative agriculture, Moonshot crackers sets itself apart by being both healthy for you and better for the planet!   


Moonshot crackers are made with their stone-milled artisan, signature wheat from family farmers who’s regenerative agriculture practices enrich the soil thus creating more nutrient dense foods! With nothing but the best organic ingredients, these flavourful and nutritious snacks are the perfect thing to have to nourish your body and soul. It’s time to join the climate-friendly food movement with Moonshot crackers!