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Mozaics are different than other veggie chips–they’re made from whole veggies like sweet potatoes and peas, with no artificial colours or flavours– so you can snack happy knowing that you’re fueling your body with real-food goodness!
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Say hello to Mozaics, where REAL veggies take center stage! We're not just another "veggie" chip that's secretly made from potato sludge and food coloring. No way, we're the real deal.

Our veggie chips are made from whole vegetables, and we mean it, they're the number one ingredient! We're talking about sweet potatoes, black beans, peas, and more–the kind of veggies your mom would approve of!

But here's the best part - Mozaics are popped, never fried. That means you get all the crunch you love without the added oil and fat. We lightly mist our chips with olive oil and season them with all the good stuff - think smoky BBQ or zesty salsa.

Oh, and did we mention the plant protein and dietary fibre? Our chips are packed with both, so you can snack happy knowing you're fueling your body with the good stuff. It's time to snack smarter, and Mozaics has got you covered!