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Mr. Frank's Kitchen

Mr. Frank's Kitchen

Enjoy a variety of different tastes from around the world with Mr. Frank’s Kitchen seasonings and blends right in the comfort of your own kitchen! These coveted blends are legendarily delicious and are sure to bring out the very best to your meals.

Mr. Frank’s Kitchen Founder & President Lisa Postl created her company to carry on her father; Frank Postl’s legacy. Lisa’s father, “Mr. Frank”, immigrated to Niagara Falls, Ontario from Austria with his family when he was a young man with more than hopes in his pockets in 1953. A decade later in 1964, Frank Postl created the “world famous” Original all purpose seasoning. Frank was a wood-carver by trade but with enough encouragement from his friends and family after successfully operating several Tasty Treats locations, Frank used his background in woodworking and his spice creations to create an old-world style structure with his personal wood carvings and coined it “Frank’s Steak House & Tavern". 

Frank quickly gained notoriety both for his incomparable flavoring of steaks and lobsters and the elaborate wood detailing of his tavern that to this day, more than 50 years later, many throughout Niagara Falls and surrounding areas still reminisce about. 

Wanting to keep this legacy alive and for her father’s dedicated work and incredible achievements to continue to flourish, Lisa Postl happily took the reins so that many more people can enjoy her father’s creations, as well as her own creations that were inspired by her father. Now you too can enjoy the legacy that is Frank Postl and his bright, kind spirit that many of his previous patreons at his tavern would often remember him for.  


Made in a sustainable and reusable shaker, Mr. Frank’s Kitchen seasonings and blends are made with only the purest of spices and herbs available using a fresh ground process. With absolutely no preservatives or anti-clumping agents used in any of their spices, these blends are wholesome in ingredients only because their taste is legendary!