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Mt. Vikos

Mt. Vikos

Made with only the finest ingredients, Mt. Vikos brings Greece to your table in every bite. Our authentic Greek flavours will transport you to a land of endless sunshine and fresh sea air!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Gather round, all ye lovers of fine taste and adventurous palates, and let us introduce you to Mt. Vikos - the gourmet spread brand that will transport you straight to the heart of central Greece!

Picture this...a majestic mountain rising up above the clouds, with a humble village nestled in its foothills. Here, in the heart of central Greece, the locals have perfected the art of gourmet spreads. And that, my friends, is where Mt.Vikos comes in.

Our products are handcrafted with care, using only the finest ingredients and no pesky preservatives or additives. It's like taking a bite of Greece itself! And our gourmet spreads? Oh, they're the stuff of legends. From zesty feta to savoury artichoke, our authentic Greek flavours will transport you to a land of olives, sea breezes, and endless sunshine. With our commitment to quality and our passion for all things delicious, you can trust that every bite of Mt. Vikos is a taste of true Greek indulgence. Opa!