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Muir Glen

Always organic, Muir Glen’s tomato sauces are made using the freshest source of organic tomatoes brought to you from California’s finest farmers who strongly believe in the impact of organic agriculture and bundled within every bottle and can of sauce!

The namesake of Muir Glen is a nod to the renowned mountaineer and naturalist John Muir, who had been aptly named the “Father of the National Parks” back in his day. Celebrating his Muir’s ideas and bringing them forth into fruition, the founder created Muir Glen to continue creating impactful conversations and meaningful changes to the environment with the use of organic agriculture! Muir Glen’s principles radiate through their thoroughly procured and made products, using organic ingredients and paying homage to the California farmers who make it possible! Their promise is to always remain organic as well as protecting pollinators (Bees!) by partnering with Xerces Society to plant habitats for these unsung heroes of agriculture on the same farms that they grow their organic tomatoes from so that the bees can be buzzing for generations to come! 



Muir Glen’s tomatoes used for their organic tomato sauces are grown in San Joaquin Valley in the sunny landscape of California. Completely vine-ripened and sun-kissed tomatoes that celebrate the efforts of organic agriculture and the farmers behind it!