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Natural Heaven

Natural Heaven

Here at Natural Heavens, we make keto-friendly, paleo and vegan pasta noodles by using delicious hearts of palm as our main ingredient. A revolutionary past alternative that's gluten-free, low glycemic, eco-friendly, and preservative-free.

Natural Heaven brings heaven to earth with its healthy heart of palm pasta noodles! At Natural Heaven, we got tired of having to choose between our favourite food (pasta) and a healthy lifestyle, so we put our angels to work. After 3-rounds, our guardian angels were able to knock out the demons and remove all the evil from pasta. Our angels changed our lives forever with revolutionary low-carb pasta noodles made with hearts of palm. But, they did not just create keto-friendly pasta noodles, our angels went above and beyond to create paleo and vegan pasta noodles too! The pasta-gods listened to our every request and made our healthy pasta gluten-free, low glycemic, preservative-free, and eco-friendly. We use sustainable harvesting practices to ensure that our pasta is good for your body and the planet too. At Natural Heaven, we work with the pasta-gods to create gourmet, low-carb pasta alternatives that are easy and quick to make. Our angels in Ecuador manually make our delicious keto pasta noodles, not machines, and put a whole lot of love and a whole lot of flavour in every package.  Our heart of palm pasta noodles help to stabilize blood sugar and promote bone, immune and digestive health. Our healthy pasta noodles are also rich in iron and fibre, may boost weight loss and prevent iron deficiency. Not only are our keto pasta noodles delicious, but they’re also easy to make--just open, add pasta sauce, heat, and serve, and you’ll have a ready-to-eat healthy meal in just 4 minutes. With Natural Heaven, every bite will taste like a little bit of heaven!