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Nature's Earthly Choice

Nature’s Earthly Choice was conceived in 2005 located in Eagle, Idaho. Nature’s sole purpose was to create delightfully healthy products that are wholesome and delicious. We continue to search for healthy foods to expand our line of wholesome grains to bring you new and delicious items. No matter your dietary need, whether you’re searching for products that are gluten-free, rich in Omega 3’s, high in protein or simply an alternative grain, we are always bringing you the best tasting and healthiest selections from around the globe.

We are passionate about the products we create and are committed to delivering you the best tasting, highest quality products to support your healthy lifestyle. Prepare simple yet delicious meals with our products because we know you need the best of nutrition that comes from nature, and we have it right here for you. All of us are becoming more and more conscious about our food habits and hence, our healthy products make it a little easier and a lot healthier to live a delicious and healthy lifestyle. 

With a passion to offer you with simply the best of healthy products made with simple and healthy ingredients, we’ve picked one of such products that will have you coming back for more and more. 

Nature’s Earthly Choice Broccoli Rice – With plenty of nutrients, this shelf stable pouch will become your go-to meal because it’s super easy to cook and eat. All you have to do is heat this low-carb meal for 90 seconds and ready to attack! Well, it’s microwavable, so let’s just agree that it does save a lot of cooking time besides being keto food.