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At Nature’s Wild Organic, we don’t have any junk in our trunks and we’re proud of it. And, by trunk, we mean our trunk full of healthy dried fruit snacks, of course! After endlessly wandering the snack aisles, we quickly discovered that finding nutritious, healthy, and delicious snacks was as rare as finding a unicorn. And, after much searching we did not encounter any luck, so we had to settle for messy, fruit snacks that always resulted in sticky fingers and stains all over our car seats and homes. So, we decided that we’ve had enough and we weren’t willing to settle anymore, so we created mindful on-the-go dried fruit snacks that are compromise-free. We made a commitment to make bold and tasty snacks that fit your cravings without sacrificing nutrition. Our goal is to change the way we snack by providing nutritious snacks that fit into your lifestyle. Our snacks are considerate of your time, health and cravings, and require no preparation. Our organic dried-fruit snacks contain all-natural ingredients and are paleo, vegan, gluten-free, AIP-friendly, and high in fibre and nutrients. We carefully oversee everything that goes into our products from the moment the seeds are planted to the moment our product hits your tastebuds. With Nature’s Wild Organic, you can say goodbye to messy cutting boards, sticky fingers, leaky containers, and harmful ingredients. With Nature’s Wild Organic's healthy dried fruit snacks you’ll always feel like you’ve won the lottery!