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New Fave Foods

Grandma’s cookies have got some competition - New Fave Foods keto-friendly mini cookies are the new kids on the block and they have our sweet tooth singing a sweet tune! Proudly made in Canada, these low-carb cookies are the type of sweet snack that you can feel great about eating - and with 1 gram of sugar per serving we don't blame you. New Fave Foods makes clean-label cookies that are natural and minimally processed and made from ingredients that you are familiar with and can pronounce! With no preservatives, additives or added sugar, these gluten-free cookies might be mini, but their taste is mighty - and delicious! Full of healthy fats and high in protein, there’s no guilt when you want to eat these cookies after the gym or as a midnight snack, because New Fave Foods will keep you full, nourished and satisfied. Now we call that the perfect cookie!