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I think we can all agree, we all NibMor (get it? NibMor, need more *wink*) delicious and healthy hot chocolate in our lives, so say hello to NibMor with their cozy, warm when served hot chocolates!

Got a case of the hot chocolate blues? Nibmor is here and they’re the answer you’ve been looking for! From the beginning, Nibmor’s mission was simple; they want everyone to feel good about what they're consuming, and to accomplish this mission, they’ve worked hard to select simple, organic ingredients to make their hot chocolate a guilt-free pleasure for everyone to enjoy, because they get it, we all want to indulge when it comes to chocolate! Nibmor has a passion for eating well and sustainably without compromising on the taste of chocolate they’d come to love! Their delicious Hot Cocoa line is made with the best fair trade, organic ingredients that will warm you up inside and out on that chilly fall day, so cozy up with a cup of this silky, smooth hot chocolate and melt away those blues! Nibmor is simplicity at its best, nib we say mor?


Nibmor’s certified vegan hot chocolate is made with simple, organic ingredients that are fair trade, non-GMO, and kosher certified. These silky smooth confectionary beverages are just the perfect thing to indulge your sweet tooth in! Have it your way on any day of the week.