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Noroi is defined by the subtility and precision of cold distillation. With unique, complex products and meticulous ingredients, we provide you with sophisticated, and above all, innovative products!
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Here at Noroi, we are passionate about spirits, but we're also passionate about innovation.

Founded by Johnathan, who has always been fascinated by spirits for as long as he can remember. And he’s always been drawn to distilleries from all over the world that are pushing the boundaries of what you can do with a bottle of booze.

He has a background in real estate and business administration, but when he started this company, he left everything behind so we could bring innovative products directly to you! On a mission to make Quebec shine internationally, Noroi is the first distillery in Canada to use a glass reactor for cold distillation—which means we get to capture all those delicate aromas and flavours that would otherwise be lost or altered in traditional distillation processes. Noroi’s high-end technology laboratory gives us an almost infinite range of possibilities in terms of research and development for new products.