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Nova Crisp

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TASTE THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK. Healthy and delicious should always go hand in hand. That’s why we created NOVA CRISP. Our chips are made from Cassava which tastes awesome and has many health benefits. 

Everyone loves to snack but it’s not always easy to find the right balance of delicious and healthy. We grew tired of the mundane options with little flavors and decided to go on a search for something new that could blow our minds away – and we found Cassava.

Cassava - also known as Yuca – is a root vegetable with many health benefits. It’s low in Cholesterol, Gluten Free and is an energy food that helps you power through all your daily activities. It also tastes great and can be cooked in various styles.

NOVA CRISP is air-popped which means low calories, better taste and that crispy crunch with every bite (oh yeah). It’s perfect for both adults and little ones with an explosive taste that will take you to the stars!