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Numa, meaning daughter (Nu) and mother (Ma) in Chinese, began right in our home kitchen. Embracing our Chinese culture, Ma always brought traditional Chinese meals to the table. However, after Nu was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, indulging in traditional meals, especially sweet treats, seemed impossible. But, Ma was determined to help her daughter live a healthier and sweet life and headed to the kitchen to experiment. Inspired by creamy Asian milk candy, Ma was able to come up with the perfect healthy alternative to help satisfy sweet cravings with less sugar and no artificial ingredients. After experiencing love at first chew, we knew that we had to share it with the world to bring the joy of sweets back to those affected by food restrictions or allergies. At Numa, our mission is to nourish through culture and help you sweeten your healthy lifestyle. We stick to our Chinese roots and traditional cooking methods, meaning no artificial ingredients and generational flavour you can taste. With Numa, you get less sugar, less calories, and more protein and vitamins. Our healthy plant-based sweets help you eat clean and limit sugar while receiving the satisfaction of a sweet treat. Our sweet snacks are gluten-free, low in sugar, and have more protein and fibre, and fewer calories than leading candy bars. With Numa, you can live a sweet and healthy life!