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Inspired by his passion for food and expertise in food chemistry and food science, Chef Nikolas Grivas wanted to bring his love of delicious superfoods to create a treat that could be enjoyed by all. From there, NütriNugget® was created. Nikolas wanted to encourage health and wellness, and a new way of looking at healthy foods. These squares are made to be a versatile snack. Have them wherever you please; from a snack in between meetings, to a post-workout nibble.

These raw superfood squares are also high protein, high fibre, organic, raw, rich in healthy fats, keto-friendly, and gluten-free. They are made from clean, natural, and organic ingredients… but most importantly, they are highly delicious and satisfying. The heart and soul of NütriNugget is the raw cacao base. It is ethically sourced from Costa Rica, and is the first of many raw superfoods that make up these nutritious squares. By pairing raw superfoods together, NütriNugget has created the ultimate superfood snack. It’s more than just throwing ingredients together. The team at NütriNugget uses food science to get the best out of every ingredient and make a product that is both decadent and indulgent.