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Oats In Coats

We love breakfast here at Oats In Coats. We really, really do. It's our favourite meal of the day, and we think it should be yours too. That's why we created Oats in Coats—a line of instant oatmeal that's packed with wholesome ingredients and contains no added sugars, GMOs, glyphosate, or any of the top 14 allergens!

We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

But if you're like us, mornings can be really stressful. You want to make sure you and your kids are healthy, but you also want to get out the door in time. And that means having a quick breakfast—but one that's healthy, nutritious, and delicious!


So we got to thinking…

What if there was a way to have a delicious bowl of oatmeal at home in just minutes? 

What if there was a way to make oatmeal taste so good that even kids who claim they hate oatmeal, would come back for more? 


Kids think that oatmeal is boring and bland, so we needed to do something about it! So we dressed up the oats with wholesome and healthy ingredients, including real fruits and veggies, and created Oats In Coats! With no artificial flavours or added sugars, our allergen-free oatmeal will inspire kids’ imaginations and change the way your think about breakfast! 

It’s ab-oat time oatmeal was attractive!